The first step of creating a structure of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology was made in Burgas

Thursday, 16 May 2019
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

Asen Zlatarov University Burgas, Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Industrial and Logistic Park- Burgas and Industrial Cluster "Electromobiles" officially signed a four-side contract for cooperation in Burgas. They are going to work together in the making of a structure of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology(EIT)- Community of Knowledge and Innovation. Their cooperative activities will include:*Building the so-called "Triangle of knowledge" - business, educational organisation and regional authority, that will create the necessary ambience for the Community of Knowledge and Innovation.*Forming of an academic environment by helping students in the fields of entrepreneurship and electric mobility.

*Increasing the value of city areas for the quality of life by reforming mobility.
European Institute for Innovation and Technology is an independent member of EU, it has an important role in reaching the goals of EU of creating sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities, it enables entrepreneurs and innovators to put their ideas into products and services for Europe.
Cooperative work between Junior Achievement Bulgaria, ICEM and Asen Zlatarov University has already begun by introducing entrepreneurship and financial courses, developed by Junior Achievement, and a master's program for Electric Mobility, supported by ICEM.


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