Answer three simple questions to win a free invitation to the "BURGAS JAM" festival

Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Posted by: Stefan Minchev

Answering a few simple questions can win you a free double invitation to the "BURGAS JAM" festival. So without further ado the questions:

1.       Which is your favourite FSB song?

2.       Who is your favourite guitarist?

3.       Which is your favourite music genre?

The full terms and conditions can be read there: The game ends on the 20th of June 2019. After that the winners will be announced.

Just to add to the good news, you might think that FSB are going to come play a couple of quick songs and leave, but you would be wrong. FSB are going to hold a two-hour long concert on the stage near the Burgas Marine Station on the 27th of July. We are going to have the privilege of listening to their hits, and even one of them will be played with all attending guitarists. 


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