Dimitar Nikolov: The Bulgarian army is a symbol of honor and strong statehood

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Thursday, 06 May 2021
Posted by: Димитър Шишманов
Dimitar Nikolov: The Bulgarian army is a symbol of honor and strong statehood The mayor Dimitar Nikolov sends a salute to all servicemen, veterans and people celebrating their name day on occasion of St. George’s day. “Dear servicemen, officers and sergeants from the army reserve, veterans, dear name day people and Burgas citizens, I salute you on occasion of the holy Christian holiday St. George’s day. Today we mark the Day of Bravery and the holiday of the Bulgarian army. Our people have always taken the army as a symbol of a strong statehood. In hard times, when danger looms over us, brave and determined Bulgarians stood under the fighting banners to protect every inch of the Homeland with the price of their lives. Today is a day in which we remember the heroism of thousands known and unknown Bulgarian soldiers. Many of them gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Bulgaria. These heroes will always be an example of bravery, honor and fulfilled duty in the memory of our nation. Our great past requires of us to stand by the Bulgarian warrior traditions and to pass down to the next generations the ideal for fidelity to Bulgaria. I wish all servicemen and veterans to carry the love to the Homeland in their hearts and to keep the memory of the great victories of the Bulgarian army alive. I send a special greeting to all people celebrating their name day with a wish for health and prosperity. May Saint George give us his protection and lead us to new triumphs. Happy holiday!”
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