Nearly 7,000 children will be in Burgas on May 24 (PROGRAM)

* The route goes through the renewed "Bogoridi", the start is at 10.30 Nearly 7 000 children from 28 kindergartens and 36 schools will participate in the Burgas procession on May 24 - Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavonic Scripture. The start is at 10.30 am from Troikata Square. The procession will pass through the Alexandrovska main street and the renovated Bogoridi, which will be cleaned and washed for the mass event. The tournament will be finished on an open stage "Snail", where a festive concert with the participation of children's groups from Burgas starts at 11.00. The program, dedicated to May 24, has several accompanying events. One of them is the great free concert of Margarita Hranova and Danny Milev in the Opera on…

After the first Sailing European Sailing, an Israeli crew led to women and a French team to men

After the first 3 races of the European Sailing Competition, class 470 Israeli crew led to a temporary ranking for women and a French crew to men. The best results so far are Gil Cohen and Noah Lasri from Israel to Women and Hipolit Makkei and Sidon Dante from France for Men. In total, 44 male and 29 female crews from 24 countries from Europe, Asia and North America participated in the first real race day. The two Bulgarian crews ranked 43th and 44th. More than 200 participants will take part in the European Sailing Championship class 470, hosted this year in Burgas. The elite sailing competition will take place from 16 to 24 May. Participants from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, USA, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Portugal, Austria, Spain,…

Launches a collaborative Google and SoftUni project that helps people improve their digital skills for free

In Burgas, there will be 3 seminars in May. Seminars will be held with the support of the municipality of Burgas in the "Marine Casino". - 17 May - 10:00 - 11:30- 23 May - 11:00 - 12:30- May 29 - 10:00 - 11:30. Register here: In Burgas, there will be 3 seminars in May.   Seminars will be held with the support of the municipality of Burgas in the "Marine Casino". - 17 May - 10:00 - 11:30- 23 May - 11:00 - 12:30- May 29 - 10:00 - 11:30.  

Burgas students from the Professional High School of Mechanical Electronics and Electronics create electric car for future car race Shell Eco-marathon

Students from the Professional High School of Mechanical Electronics and Electronics in Burgas have created an electric car to join the Shell Eco-marathon competition on 29 May-01 June in France. The futuristic car will be presented on 21 May / Monday / at the Flora Expo Center.

Several streets are planned for the safe running of the balls

If necessary, a temporary organization of the traffic in Burgas will be introduced on the day of prom the balls. For the safe movement of the graduates, it is planned to stop the movement of cars on Thursday 24 May from 18:00 to 19:30 on the streets: "Danube", "Levski" - from Stefan Stambolov Blvd. to " Hristo Botev "and" Adam Mitskevich "Street - from" 24th Infantry Regiment "to" Demokratsia "Blvd only in the direction of the Pantheon. The Municipality of Burgas and the traffic safety services urge drivers to drive with extreme caution and adhere to the restrictions imposed, and the ambassadors - not to take actions that would endanger their health and safety.  

Burgas environmentalists invite you to a salt-water ride on the Natura 2000 Day

On the Natura 2000 Day - May 21, the LIFE + Life Salt Project invites you to the Eleventh Meeting of the Public Council of Atanasovsko Lake. The theme is dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage that the lake represents and relates to the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Welcome on 21 May 2018 (Monday) at 1 pm in the First Hall of Expo Center Flora in Burgas. This is the penultimate Council meeting within the framework of a project that ends on August 31 this year. That is why the team wants to show the terrain lake, the Natura 2000 area and the salt-bars that function in symbiosis. A special tour of the Salt Train will take place after the advice, which will start from the Saltniki parking lot north of 3 pm and take you to the border…

Schedule for mowing green areas in the days until the end of the month

In the days of May 21 to May 31, there will be antimicrobial treatment against mosquitoes in the Burgas parks and gardens. Bourgas Disinfection Station will be in the hours from 00.30 to 04.30.  21.05.2018 - PRIMORSKO PARK, SOUTHERN REGION; 22.05.2018 - "Ezero" Park;  23.05.2018 - SLAVEYKOV PARK / TO BILLA / and PARK "IZGREV" in "SLAVEYKOV" Building;  25.05.2018 - "VELEKA" PARK in "IZGREV" complex, GARDENS JK "ZORNITSA"; 28.05.2018 - "MINERAL BANI" - "VETREN" PARK; 29.05.2017 - PARKS IN "MEDEN RUDNIK", GARDENS K-C "RESTORATION"; 30.05.2018 - GARDENS JK "LAZUR" and TsGCH, BIOPHOSE ZONA KV. "KRAYMORIE"; FREE OF CHARGE DOGS - "PODA" area; 31.05.2017 - GROUND FLOOR, BIOPHOSE ZONA KV. "SARAFOVO". The Disinfection Station reserves…

Dedicate exhibition to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Dimitar Trendafilov

A special exhibition will mark the 80th anniversary of the birth of the artist Dimitar Trendafilov. In it are collected works, which the author has given during the years to his students, friends and relatives. The canvases will be arranged in the Georgi Baev Gallery. The exhibition opens on May 25, Friday at 18:00 and will remain there until June 25th. The exhibition is titled "Friends of Dimitar Trendafilov". The idea of ​​the authors is through her to make the young authors influence their talent. During the official opening of the exhibition, the winners of the Regional Contest for Fine Arts and Applied Arts will be awarded.