Three days to the beginning of the 45th International Folklore Festival in Burgas.

Only three days later Bourgas will become even more colorful, colorful and exotic. A multitude of cultures, traditions and customs will come together to sing, dance and have fun outdoors, along with the inhabitants and tourists of the seaside.Such is the atmosphere of only the International Folklore Festival in Bourgas, which will start on August 21st / Monday / at 18.00 with a colorful and attractive procession of all the guest groups from 13 countries. Traditionally, it will pass from Troikata Square to Atanas Sirekov Square in front of Burgas Municipality and to the Summer Theater.At 20.00 there will be the opening ceremony of the 45th edition of the oldest international folklore festival in Bulgaria and the award of the prestigious Nestinarka…

Celebration of St.Anastasiya's holiday on Saturday

This year's celebration on St.Anastasiya island, that traditionally is marked on August 15th , was cancelled due to the strong wind.The events from the holiday program will be held on August 19th /Saturday/,  concert of georgi Miltiyadov, with the participation of Ruslan Muinov, Peni Stavreva, Margarita Hranova, Quartet "Destiny". Tickets are available with transport included are on sale at the Touristic information centers - Bus station "Yug","Magaziya1" and  Opera's underpass. For additional information and reservation - 0882 004 124 and e-mail:    

Hilda Kazasyan and friends will present the golden melodies of Vili

Music from the golden ages of the BNR's "Big Band" and their most popular melodies, composed by the great maestro Villi Kazasyan - special selection,maded by his daughter Hilda and friends Vasil Petrov, Hristo Yotsov, Borislav Yotsov, Zhivko Petrov and Dimitar Karamfilov, they are collected all of Villi's works in one concert dedicated to him. On August 29th on the stage of Summer Theater.

See the exhibition of digital painting by Valentin Lazarov - Delianski on Monday.

An interesting exhibition of digital painting by the painter Valentin Lazarov - Delianski will be opened on August 21st at 18.00 at the "Bourgas Artists Association". It is jubilee for the artist and is under the motto "60 years Valentin Lazarov - Delianski".He called his exposure "Aegean Moods", as he presents mostly marine stories and is performed in the technique of digital painting.There will be shown 49 sheets that are original, although the technique allows, none of which will be repeated or repeatedly executed.Digital painting is the last technique used in the art. In the gallery of the Association of Burgas artists this will be the first fully digital exhibition.In Burgas Valentin Lazarov - Delianski debuted for the first time in August…

The summer edition of the HANDMATE DESIGN MARKET will be held in August.

The HANDMADE DESIGN MARKET festival will please the citizens of Burgas and the visitors this summer.From August 16th to August 20th at the Flora Bourgas Expo Center talented artists from all over Bulgaria will show their latest collections of their jewelry, clothes, accessories and many other items.Disco Corner will surprise visitors with fresh burgers on wooden grills and potatoes, crispy croissants and muffins, raspberry wine and cocktails from the masters we have selected for the summer edition. Music, friends and emotions in the holiday areas are part of the other surprises.There will be more day-to-day workshops for both small and large. Pottery wheel with master of clay, painting on canvas and figures, making soaps with different techniques.Here…