Summer Music School "Piccolo" in Burgas

"Johan Sebastian Bach - Burgas" and Burgas Municipality start music school for young people, named "Piccolo orchestra". The project is free and anyone, who wants, can sign up for it. The school will be held from the 7th of July to the 7th of August with daily rehearsals in the building of NHK. The rehearsals will be held from 10 to 16 o'clock with a day off on Sunday. The end of the music school will end with a concert on the 7th of August in Cultural Center "Sea Casino". Rehearsals will be led by proved musicians and teachers like Aidy Lidia Due and Dr. Nikolay Demerdzhiev - a certified teacher and Ph.D. from the University of Music and Applied Arts in Vienna. The enrollment is from the 1st to the 21st of June and everyone should fill sigh…

Participate in the Third Edition of "Join the City" with Movie

Once again the festival includes in its program authors of short movies. This year all professional and non-professionals in the field of movie art can be a part of the movie program of "Join the City". They can send their proposals until the 2nd of June on e-mail [email protected] The movies will be screened outdoors in the Seaside Park, on one of the iconic park paths - in front of the monument of Pushkin. We will contact to each one who requested to participate in the festival. The only condition is to complete a brief statement that the copyright of the video are settled. You can find more information about the festival at All events are with free entry!

Electrical Garbages Will Be Gathering on Thuesday

Burgas Municipality announced that on the 27th of May /Tuesday/ mobile teams of "Splavkomers" JSC will gather garbage from discarded electrical and electronic equipment based on applications that are made on e-mail: [email protected] Or phone number:  0887-77-19-73 And free national phone number:  0800-14-100 The order fulfillment is free for citizens! "Discarded electrical and electronic equipment from households" is equipment generated as a result of the vital activity of people at home and administrative, social and public buildings, from commercial and industrial sites and other sources - electric ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, computers, monitors and etc.

Burgas Will Have New Trolleybuses

This year Burgas is the first municipality in Bulgaria, which has updated its public transport. In 2013 the city acquired 67 brand new buses and now it gradually put into operation 22 new trolleybuses of the Czech brand "Skoda". The first one has already serves passangers. Today it made a demonstration tour of the center with passengers Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, the manager of "Burgasbus" Petko Dragnev, deputy mayor Krasimir Stoychev, the chairman of the local parliament Konstantin Lukov and journalists.  Burgas Municipality provided the new trolleybuses under project "Implementation of measures for improving the quality of life in Burgas, Varna, Stara Zagora and Pleven".

A Few Days Remaining Until the End of the Contest for Youth Project

There are only few days left until the end of the contest for youth project, which was announced by the Network of 27 Regional Information Centers and the Central Information and Coordination Center. The project is for young people from 17 to 21 years old. The first projects have already been received and most of the candidates are from Pazardzhik, Sliven and Sofia. The contest runs in 2 stages - regional and national. The deadline for submitting the proposals is 17.00 o'clock on the 26th of May. The winners of the regional competition will receive an e-reader for books. And the big prize on national level is smartphone. Documents can be received by e-mail to any of the 27 regional information centers. Further information about the regulations…

The Second Edition of Days of Austrian Culture and Art in Burgas Will Be Closed with Symphonic Concert

Works by Beethoven, Webern and Berg will sound in symphonic concert, which will close the 2nd edition of the Days of Austrian culture and art. They are organized by the Municipality, the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria and the "Friends of Austria in Burgas" Association.  The closing event will be held in "Adreana Budevska" Theatre at 19.00 o'clock. Special guest will be His Excellency Gerhard Reiweger, Ambassador of Austria in Bulgaria.

Smart Point Brings Out Spam of Mailboxes

*Modern space with Smart Point The innovative information system Smart Point has started in Burgas exactly one year ago with the support of the municipal administration. Electronic channel gets more and more popular and is utilized by residents and visitors of the city. The smart point have nearly 200 objects - bus stops, signs, objects of cultural interest, tourist attractions, hospitals, schools and many others. Small sticker with QR code can guide you easily to the current store promotions near you. With easy navigation everyone will be able to select your favorite store and look his best suggestions directly from the screen of your smartphone. The campaign will start by placing 2000 stickers, starting from the large complexes in Burgas…