A vacation due to flu, was announced by the Mayor Nikolov

The Mayor of Burgas was on a meeting with George Pazderov - Director of The Regional Health Inspection, they disscused the increased amount of ill students in Burgas and the region. According Mr. Pazderov the percent of the missing student is 15. By reason of that,Dimitar Nikolov present a motion for a flu vacantion from Thuesday / 15th of January /to Friday /18th of January/, as for the kindergartens and nursery, was decided to work, but with a special regimen.

A pregnant women and parents from Burgas at school again

3rd edition of the biggest school for pregnant women and parents in Burgas "Mommy knows better" will be held on 12th of January ( Saturday), from 10:30 AM in Smart Center Burgas. You may registrate for a participation in advance on the following contacts : 0894406234 or 0883100044, e-mail: For additional information for the upcoming events you may find on the facebook page -