The Former Third Polyclinic offers specific services in the field of sports medicine

For information of the citizens of Burgas, Medical Center III (former The Third Polyclinic) on Demokratsia Blvd offers specific services in the field of sports medicine. There periodic and pre-competitive medical examinations of persons exercising physical education and sport will be carried out.     

Mobile medical teams help elderly people in Burgas Municipality

Mobile medical teams help elderly people and people with disabilities who benefit from the services of the Domestic Social Patronage in Burgas. The initiative has launched in the summer season. It is based on the idea of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and is aimed to support elderly people who have no relatives and can not go to the hospital facilities in the city.    

Prominent Pediatricians from Pirogov Hospital Will held Preventive Examinations In Burgas On October 27th

Leading specialists from the "N.I Pirogov" University Emergency Hospital  will hold free prophylactic examinations of children in Burgas on the last Saturday of the month - October 27th, at the Local Hospital in the city .     The highly specialized examinations will be conducted after to make an appointment in advanced, which is starting today, at the telephone number of the Local Hospital - 056 810571, every day between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Those wishing to register should write the child's names, age (up to 18 years) and to declare what kind of specialist they would like to meet - ENT, orthopedic or other. If the child has any tests and check ups already made or any other medical documentation the parent should bring…

Dimitar Nikolov greeted all Burgas's doctors for their Profеssional holiday

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, jointly with The Deputy Mayor Dr. Loris Manuelyan, adress a greeting to all health workers on the occassion of the Bulgarian National Doctor's Day.