The church has been "stitched up" - now it can withstand an earthquake

The project for strengthening the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" entered in a new phase. At the moment extremely durable steel poles are being placed between the separate marble support columns. In both ends they are coupled with 100 kilo plates, which provide then needed stability and balance. This secondary steel skeleton will make the church withstand an earthquake - a quality, which was never a part of the plan of the 100 year old church. In the previous stage of the project all the cracks in the building were repaired and sealed. They have been strengthened with the use of high technology materials - carbon fibers. In can be said that the cracks have been "stitched up", like in medicine. The same technology is used for strengthening…

On 16 June the water supply to the following regions will be stopped

Due to construction works without water will be the follwoing: 1. From 8 to 17 hours, in the are of bul. "Maria Luiza" /from "V. Levski" to "Tsarigradska"/, str. "Ferdinandova" /from "Hr. Botev" to "Maria Luiza"/, and the railway fund housings. 2. From 8.30 to 15 hours, in the are of Railway station square from str. "K. Fotinov" to str. "Tsar Petar" and railway station Burgas. 3. From 9 to 17 hours, str. "Yanko Komitov" /from store "Aiko" to "Hemus"/.

Attention - on Saturday the traffic will be reorganized on str. "Industrialna"

Municipality Burgas announces that in relation to the impending renewing of the asphalt road surfaces on str. "Industrialna", the intersection of str. "Industrialna" and str. "Sportna", as well at the entrance of the overhead crossing near "Okeanski ribolov", a temporary traffic organization will be in effect on Saturday, 13.06, from 06.00 to 18.00 hours. The traffic will be diverted in direction district "Pobeda" - Center: on str. "Vaya", str. "Todor Aleksandrov"; in direction Center - district "Pobeda" - str. "Sportna", str. "Todor Aleksandrov". The buses of "Burgasbus" will be allowed to pass. Municipality Burgas apologizes for the inconvenience.

One of the road-ways of the road to "Sarafovo" will be closed

A temporary organization of traffic is introduced on the road from the cemetery park of Burgas to district "Sarafovo", announce from Agency "Road infrastructure". Stepwise one of the road-ways will be closed, and the traffic will pass through the other. The changes in traffic will apply from 8 June.

Change in traffic on bul. "Stefan Stambolov"

In connection to construction works on bul. "Stefan Stambolov", in the area from bul. "Nikola Petkov" to str."Trakiya", the traffic of the eastern roadway will be diverted to the western roadway. This way the traffic on the western roadway will be two-way. The construction works will begin on 04 June from 15:00 hours and will continue for 10 calendar days. Be careful and obey the rules of traffic.

A new traffic organization is in force

Due to construction works a new traffic organization is in force for the junction of bul. "Yanko Komitov" and bul. "Prof. Yakim Yakimov". Drivers need to be careful when passing through and obey the rules.

Temporary closure of a bus stop

"Burgasbus" announces, that due to reconstruction works in the region of square "Tsaritsa Yoanna", from 03.06.2015 the bus stop of lines 4 and 8 in front of Railway station will be temporarily closed. Until the finish of the construction works the buses, from the two lines, will stop at the bus stop at Cental post opposite Transport hospital.