The traffic light on the intersection of bul. "Yanko Komitov" and bul. "Yakim Yakimov" will be removed

In relation with the building of a roundabout under project "Integrated city transport in Burgas" from the intersection of bul. "Yanko Komitov" and bul. "Yakim Yakimov" will be removed the  traffic light. A temporary organization of traffic is in effect. Drivers are advised to be careful and to obey the traffic laws.

The mayor Dimitar Nikolov and the Prime minister Boyko Borisov opened the new "Flora"

Hundreds of residents of Burgas came to the opening of the modern Expo center "Flora - Burgas". Before stepping in the exhibition halls the people enjoyed the rich program. The kids participated in a drawing competition; dance and cheer-leading groups from different schools presented their performances. Ensemble "Strandja" showed again the riches of Bulgarian folklore. The first event, which is held in the new expo center, is National flower exhibition with international participation "Flora Burgas 2015". "The new Flora is an emblem of our city. Burgas did not deserve the old nylon tents, which cost the Municipality 50 thousand leva for repairs for each every year", said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov. Exhibition center ‘Flora" has an exceptionally…

The traffic around the Mineral baths will be temporarily restricted

Today /Friday/ will closed for traffic the road of the roundabout in Vetren/Banevo to the entrance of park "Mineralni bani". This is imposed due to construction works for development of the archeological complex Aquae Calidae. Municipality Burgas apologizes for the temporary inconvenience.

Three domes of the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" were consolidated

The consolidation of the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" continues. With a special carbon fiber are fully covered the eastern and western dome. Nearly finished is the consolidation of the northern dome, and work is pending on the south. Consolidation of the construction is done on the ring of the main dome of the church. A layer of carbon fibers is already laid on it, and a second layer will be applied later. After the work on the domes is finished, the experts will start working on the consolidation of the under-roof walls. The carbon rods for consolidation of the façades are placed on the northern and southern sides of the walls. A solution will be injected under pressure, in the holes, which are made for placing of consolidating…

Part of str. "Slivnitsa" is being closed for reconstruction

Municipality Burgas announces, that from Monday, 11 May, str. "Slivnitsa" /from "Hristo Botev" to "Aleksandrovska"/ will be closed for traffic. There will be reconstruction work, which is expected to last around 2 months. Until the reconstruction is finished the vehicles can move through str. "Apostol Karamitev" - "Mara Gidik". Municipality Burgas apologizes for the inconvenience and calls on the pedestrians to cross carefully the intersection of "Vasil Aprilov" - "Mara Gidik".