Prominent students of ELS "Geo Milev" and PSFL "Vasil Levski" translate the news on the website of the Municipality of Burgas

Friday, 26 March 2021
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева

Denislav Drachev, Malena Malcheva, Alexander Ivanov, Yoana Andreeva and Sami Yusef from ELS "Geo Milev" and Gabriela Valcheva, Plamen Petkov, Alexandra Jermova and Mirabela Kostanian from PSFL "Vasil Levski" daily translate the section "News" on the website of the Municipality.

 In this way, the administration's website is accessible to foreign nationals who speak Russian or English.

Prominent graduates of elite high schools, in addition to being precise in the translated texts, are also extremely expeditious, observing a basic news rule for timeliness.

The idea for a bilingual translation of the news on the municipal website came from Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. On his initiative, the Translate Burgas program was launched last year. The aim is to stimulate the students from the two elite high schools to demonstrate their excellent language training and to test their skills in a real work environment.

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