The establishment of the industrial zone near "Meden Rudnik" Residential Area is in progress, a check point on the road to Sozopol is being dismounted

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева
The establishment of the industrial zone near

The relocation of the communications for Phase 2 of the Industrial and Logistics Park - Burgas - 600 decares near the Meden Rudnik complex is progressing. At this stage, these are ESO and EVN power lines, which will provide an industrial amount of energy, as well as water supply. Later, gas, internet, etc. will be installed. To ensure the easements of the new communication routes, it is necessary to dismantle the checkpoint on the road to Sozopol, immediately after the South Road Junction. The implementation of this task began today. It is coordinated with the OD of the Ministry of Interior.

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