The Municipality gives the members of the SEC the chance not to line up for their remunerations during the pandemic!

Thursday, 1 April 2021
Posted by: Стефан Минчев

In response to the allegations of BSP - Burgas:


The Municipality of Burgas neither obliges the members of sectional election committees to provide their bank account numbers, nor to receive their payment by bank transfer. But it gives them the right to use this option during a pandemic!

The two methods proposed by the Municipality for the payment of the members of the SEC - by bank transfer or at the cash desk - provide an opportunity for people not to line up, and the amount to be transferred electronically.

In confirmation of this, our today's message begins as follows:

"The Municipality of Burgas announces that the payment of the remuneration of the members of sectional election committees will be made by territorial directions and can be done in three ways:


- Cash on hand;


- By personal bank account;


- To the bank account of an expressly authorized person.

Which completely refutes the BSP's claim that the SEC members are deprived of the opportunity to receive their remuneration in cash.




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