From tomorrow all 8 new elevators with 4 subways will work

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Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
From tomorrow all 8 new elevators with 4 subways will work

Continuing its policy to build on the achievements of the past few years in terms of adapting the urban environment to the problems of people with reduced mobility, the Municipality of Burgas has installed 8 elevators on 4 subways. After the test period, they will be included for public use from tomorrow. However, if you find a jam somewhere, be sure to call the duty officer in the Municipality to adjust the equipment quickly - 056 907 218.

"Elevators can be used by people in wheelchairs as well as mothers with prams and cyclists. The important thing is to cross in a safe way, not to risk your life and health on the road! ”, Said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov.
The subways in Burgas with installed new elevators are the following:
- On Stefan Stambolov Blvd. - between the Second Regional Police Department and Arena Burgas Hall, bilaterally;
- On Stefan Stambolov Blvd. - at the Mladost Sports Hall, on both sides;
- On Stefan Stambolov Blvd. - UMBAL bus stop, on both sides;
- At the intersection "Democracy" - "Koprivshtitsa", bilaterally.


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