Spectator stands are being placed at the boat dock “Kraymorie” and soon a stage as well

Thursday, 1 April 2021
Posted by: Стефан Минчев

As soon as this spring the new boat dock in complex “Kraymorie” will be ready to welcome not only the fishing boats but cultural events as well. During its construction Burgas municipality very intentionally left a wide open space with the idea that there will be organized various events.

“I believe that the local community center and the neigborhood association of the fishermen will cooperate successfully in order to make the boat dock one of the most preferred tourist destinations of Burgas”, stated the mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

At the moment on the aforementioned opened space, spectator stands are being built with around 200 spaces. In mid-April the prefabricated stage will arrive.

All initiatives will be conducted outside – on the territory of the boat dock and in front of the community center building. It is expected for them to attract a diverse audience an a large number of contestants in the same place – tourists, local citizens, connoisseurs of the art, crafts fish and the Bulgarian traditions. This will be a premise for the development of the neighbourhood and the revival of the cultural life inside of it.

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