Parents, get acquainted with the platform for online enrollment in kindergartens and nurseries before its real launch

Friday, 26 February 2021
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева

From March 1, all parents of children aged for enrollment in nurseries, kindergartens and half-day preparatory groups at schools, can get acquainted with the electronic platform of the Municipality of Burgas - , before it is activated in application mode at 08.00 on April 1.

This is done for ease of the parents, giving them enough time to learn about the rules, deadlines, vacant spots, criteria, and documents for enrolling their children. 

It is important for parents to know that the information on crèches, kindergartens and preparatory groups in schools provided in the electronic enrollment system concerns the relevant Centers for administrative services, not residential complexes. For example, the most common mistake is parents from zh.k. "Vazrazhdane" to indicate a kindergarten in the area "Vazrazhdane" and so their child to be enrolled in a garden in zh.k. "Meden rudnik".



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