The “Dobriyat primer”(Good example) initiative launches in “Mihail Lakatnik” primary school

Monday, 1 February 2021
Posted by: Анелия Казакова


Visual artist Krasimir Marchev was the first participant in “Good example”. The initiative was realized by Miglena Spasova’s idea. She’s decided to inspire the kids with real examples from our modern time- representatives of different jobs which contribute to the development of the city. The initiative will let students meet with artists, actors, musicians, prominent athletes, IT specialists, directors of cultural institutes, representatives of non-governmental organizations, etc., every last Friday of the month. The children greeted Krasimir Marchev with interest and discussion on the possibility of participation in caring for the urban environment. Krassimir Marchev deals with photography, stage, audio-visual projects. He became popular after Madonna commented on his art on social media in 2015.

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