The pre-performance of Bulgarian movie titled "Rising Ground" will be shown in Burgas on November 4th

Immediately before officially starting on the screens on 10th November, the new Bulgarian film "Rising Ground" will be shown exclusively to the audience of Burgas. On 4th of November at 5 pm at Cinema City, in 'Galleria' Mall the most impatient ones will have the opportunity to be among the first viewers on the .     The movie will be screened once in a one of the halls, and the fens could meet live with its director Viktor Bozhinov, the producer - Ivan Doykov, and the actors Alek Aleksiev (Gicho) and Stoyan Doichev (Assencho), who will present on the pre-premier. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow on Tuesday, October 24th.  

Dimitar Nikolov: Happy holiday, dear doctors!

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov sent his greeting toward burgasian doctors on the occassion of their proffesional holiday. "Dear doctors, for me is great pleasure to express my sincere greetings for the Bulagarian Doctor's Day - 19th of October. On the occassion i would like to share my appreciation for your proffesionalism, that stands up for the principles of this honorable occupation, fighting for the human's life and health. Another aim is ahead - construction of Medical Faculty in Bourgas, that will improve the quality of medical assistance in our city and will insure the necessary specialists.I believe, that with common efforts this idea will be successful."

Best of Burgas Skate Open 2017 / VIDEO /.

One of the most energy-intensive places in Burgas is Sketch Park "Izgrev". Built specifically for young urban people, it quickly became a favorite place for fans of this subculture. Skateboarding became extremely popular, first in the United States in the 1980s. It is part of the X-generation rebellion against attempting to bring all young people into a common framework. Many new non-traditional games have been invented as a counterpoint to organized sports in schools. Today skateboarding continues to be popular all over the world. The best facility for practicing here is located in Bourgas. The third edition of the international tournament, which is organized in Sketch Park "Izgrev" with the cooperation of the Municipality and is part…

Arborist Anthony Croft "Operates" a Potentially Dangerous Tree / VIDEO /.

Today, Arthurist Anthony Croft removed potentially dangerous branches of an old tree, located near one of the most busy bus stops in Burgas - the one near the Opera House. Who he is and what task he performs, read here:

Burgas Skate Open 2017 will provide crazy race with festival atmosphere

3rd edititon of Burgas Skate Open will be held up to a few days.This year's event will not be just a competition , but a youth festival with stage, music and party spirit.