The Team of "Bubble chewing gum" meets the audience in Burgas on December 18th

* Teodora Duhovnickova and Ivan Yurukov will sigh autographs after the special screening of the movie at Cinema City Burgas     Part of the team of the new Bulgarian movie entitled "Bubble Chewing Gum" will meet with the audience of Burgas after a its special screening on 18th December at 8:30 pm at Cinema City at Mall Gallery in Burgas. The event will be attended by actors in the leading roles - Teodora Duhovnikova and Ivan Yurukov, the director Stanislav Todorov - Rogi and the screenwriters Georgi Ivanov and Theo Cheilov.  

The movie 'Damastsena" with special film show in NHK on 9th December

Few weeks after the premiere - "Damastsena" will be presented in Burgas on 9th of December, in NHK, 6:00 PM.Tickets will be on sale from 28th November, as in Ticketportal too. Contacts: 0894/898 098 and 0888/ 665 502. "Damstsena" is based on a real story.A movie that tells about the bulgarian dream and the road, that must be walked to realize it.Described as a drama, the action take place in the Rose valley during 1960s of the previous century. The film director is Todor Atanasova; cameraman - Hristo Genkov; producer and screenwriter - Mariya Laleva. Cast: Veselin Plachkov, Dimitar Banenkin, Ljuben Chatalov, Simona Halacheva, Neda Spasova, Troyan Gogov, Ljubomir Furkov, Marian Marinov, Tezdjan Ferad.

"Meden Rudnik" celebrates Nikulden with two concerts and sacrificial fish soup

First concert will be held at 11:00 AM, in front of the chapel "Saint Dimitar" in living district "Meden Rudnik". Second concert will be held at 11:00 AM behind the second bus station of № B12 in living district "Meden Rudnik".

The pre-performance of Bulgarian movie titled "Rising Ground" will be shown in Burgas on November 4th

Immediately before officially starting on the screens on 10th November, the new Bulgarian film "Rising Ground" will be shown exclusively to the audience of Burgas. On 4th of November at 5 pm at Cinema City, in 'Galleria' Mall the most impatient ones will have the opportunity to be among the first viewers on the .     The movie will be screened once in a one of the halls, and the fens could meet live with its director Viktor Bozhinov, the producer - Ivan Doykov, and the actors Alek Aleksiev (Gicho) and Stoyan Doichev (Assencho), who will present on the pre-premier. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow on Tuesday, October 24th.