Fortisimo Vocal Ensemble presents their debut album on the eve of St. Nichola's day

The promotion of the album will be held on December 5th at 6:00 PM in the Hall of NHK Cultural Center. Entrance is free.    

While you are ruining, remember that you are shooting by cameras (VIDEO)

Burgas Municipality publishes a new video from the section called "Vandals in Action" . This time the event is in the renovated space located in "Vazrazhdane" living area. In the lead role again are boys in early teens who first dismantle and then arrange the park furniture in "art installation".     The difference compared to the previous years is that Burgas Municipality already has hundreds of "eyes" / cameras / across the city. Let anyone with bad intentions know this and let remember it always in moments when decide to do something wrong.    

A concert-spectacle marks the 120th anniversary of George Gershwin's birth

The 120th anniversary of the birth of the genius musician and composer George Gershuinsthe will be celebrated with a magnificent concert. The show "Entranced" will be held on November 11th, at 7 pm at NHK Cultural Center. The musicians who take part in the show are Michel Dean - vocal, Petya Toncheva - vocal, Nedko Georgiev - vocal, Todor Madjarov - tsugthrombon, Ivo Gichev - piano, vocal, Rumen Obreshkov - bass and Radoslav Haralampiev - drums.    

More than 600 top swimmers from the country and abroad will have the strength in Arena Arena OZK on November 10 and 11 / VIDEO /

* Mihaela Marinova will sing for the launch of the first edition of the Burgas Swimming Open`2018 super tournament "   The newest and most modern swimming complex in Bulgaria - "Arena OZK" Park, k. "Slaveikov" will become the arena of an international swimming contest of the highest rank - "Burgas Swimming open`2018" on 10 and 11 November. The swimming pool is Olympic in size and meets the requirements of the International Swimming Pools Federation and the European Swimming Pool. Due to the first edition of the super tournament in Burgas, more than 600 swimmers and stars of the swimming sports will arrive from Bulgaria and abroad. The contestants will be divided into four age groups - A (2008-2009); C (2007); C (2006) and D (2004-2005).…