Greek Alternative Rock Band called INK will participate in Burgas Jam (VIDEO)

INK have their unique sound. When they play, they are completely immersed in the music they create. Not affected by mainstream. It is not important for them what is modern nowadays. They sound the way they like - without any compromise.     Meanwhile, the sale of the tickets for the new edition of Burgas Jam starts. You can get them from the Eventim and Grabo networks, the cash desk at NHK Cultural Center, the Sound Garden Store in Bezistena. Starting on June 4th the tickets will be available at "The Clock" summer pay-desk.    

Perfect conditions for European sailing day 3

A remarkable third day of the European sailing championship class 470, that is hosted in Burgas. Meteorological conditions imposed a new game plan, but the teams responded faultlessly to the cool breeze.    

After the first Sailing European Sailing, an Israeli crew led to women and a French team to men

After the first 3 races of the European Sailing Competition, class 470 Israeli crew led to a temporary ranking for women and a French crew to men. The best results so far are Gil Cohen and Noah Lasri from Israel to Women and Hipolit Makkei and Sidon Dante from France for Men. In total, 44 male and 29 female crews from 24 countries from Europe, Asia and North America participated in the first real race day. The two Bulgarian crews ranked 43th and 44th. More than 200 participants will take part in the European Sailing Championship class 470, hosted this year in Burgas. The elite sailing competition will take place from 16 to 24 May. Participants from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, USA, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Portugal, Austria, Spain,…

The soundtrack for the Agent 007 consecution, will sound the Summer Theater in July

* The Symphony Orchestra from the Philcharmonic ochestra - Sofia will present the emblematical musical compositions Concert with the music from James Bond's movies will be held in Bulgaria for the 1st time, on July 8th from 8:00 PM. Tickets are already on sale in and