The Guitarist Biser Ivanov: I'm waiting for you at Burgas Jam, welcome! / VIDEO /

We are pleased to announce the name of the first of talented guitarists who will participate in BURGAS JAM 2018. This is Biser Ivanov - a virtuoso musician and composer who has worked with Lili Ivanova, Alegro, Vasko Vassilev, Nora Karaivanova, the soloists of Covent Garden, and many others.       For more information about the new edition of the event:      

The best guitar's friend will also be among the main participants in Burgas Jam 2018

* We are waiting for you on July 7th, right next to the Sea Station - Burgas     On July 7th, the second edition of one of the newest and unusual music events in Bulgaria - Burgas Jam - will take place. The main musician at the event is again the guitarist, who is free to play what he loves the most, to improvise.  The organizers of the event, Municipality of Burgas and friends of the good music, will introduce in the program of the new edition a drum battle.    The original concept remains unchanged. The evening will end with a massive performance of a popular rock anthem, which will be kept secret until the last minute when everyone in the audience could take part. In the coming months, expect news about the…

Mayor Nikolov married 3 couples on St. Valentine

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov married 3 couples today, on February 14th - the day of romantic love. The ceremony took place at "Atanas Sirekov" Square, in a magnificent pergola in front of the building of the Municipality of Burgas.    

The Team of "Bubble chewing gum" meets the audience in Burgas on December 18th

* Teodora Duhovnickova and Ivan Yurukov will sigh autographs after the special screening of the movie at Cinema City Burgas     Part of the team of the new Bulgarian movie entitled "Bubble Chewing Gum" will meet with the audience of Burgas after a its special screening on 18th December at 8:30 pm at Cinema City at Mall Gallery in Burgas. The event will be attended by actors in the leading roles - Teodora Duhovnikova and Ivan Yurukov, the director Stanislav Todorov - Rogi and the screenwriters Georgi Ivanov and Theo Cheilov.