See the exhibition of students’ drawings on occasion of Earth day

Thursday, 22 April 2021
Posted by: Радостин Рачев
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The Municipality personal development support center in Burgas sends a virtual greeting with an exhibition of students’ drawings, dedicated to Earth day – 22nd of April.

In the exhibition are included drawings from previous competitions, organized by PDSC-Burgas and the Art Schools to our organization with executives Denislav Belchev, Hristo Hristov, Pepa Angelova and Sevina Traykova.

The team of the personal development support center greets you on occasion of Earth day with the virtual exhibition which you can see on our website: www.о

Earth Day – 22nd of April – is a festivity in the world, marked by over half a billion people. The idea, which connects the people from all around the world on this date is to unite in the protection of the environment.



See the history of the Bulgarian Cosmonautics in the Aviation museum – Burgas

The history of the Bulgarian contribution in the research of the Cosmos is filled with curious facts and discoveries. If you wish to track the first steps of the familiarization with the endless space, visit the Aviation museum – Burgas. The photo exhibition “Bulgaria and the Cosmos”, presented by the Aviation Museum in Krumovo, is visiting there.

In 20 canvases are collected photos and information about the research of Space. The exposition presents moments of the work of the two Bulgarian astronauts Georgi Ivanov and Aleksandar Aleksandrov. A special place is reserved for the contribution of our country and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the development of space food.

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