Join the eco-initiative "Let's clean Rosenets Park!" On April 24

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Thursday, 8 April 2021
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева
Join the eco-initiative

Eco initiative "Let's clean Rosenets Park!" Is organized by the association "Active Life", with the assistance of the Municipality of Burgas and the hotel "Utopia Forest", on April 24 / Saturday /.

Anyone can join it. The action will start at 09.30 / in front of Utopia Forest Hotel /.

Rosenets Park is a place for year-round family tourism. Very soon in the immediate vicinity of it the newest tourist site in the municipality of Burgas will be opened - Ethnographic Village "Chengene Skele", which will make Rosenets Park an even more attractive place for walks, excursions, sports and tourism.

Unfortunately, some visitors to the park have left many unpleasant traces behind - non-degradable waste such as cups, bags and more. This provoked the organizers of "Active Life" to initiate a large-scale campaign to clean the park, which can involve any volunteer. The park will be divided into zones, and each zone will have a person in charge and a place for waste collection.

The organizers provided bags and gloves.

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