Over 1000 People at Teodosii Concert in Gramatikovo in Support of Burgas 2019 /VIDEO + PHOTOS/

Monday, 5 August 2013
Posted by: Стефан Минчев

Almost 500 people take the organized transport by the Municipality for the concert of Teodosii Spasov and his folk quintet in Gramatikovo. The event was opened by Iliyan Yanchev - the Mayor of Malko Tarnovo, who didn't hide his belief that Burgas deserves and will be cultural capital in 2019. Teodosii and the professionals of his orchestra stood up their fans, performing typical Strandzha melodies and improvisations with folk elements. They played especially for the audience of Burgas 2019 new and unrepresented compositions.

A total of over thousand people shared the emotion of the concerts in support of Burgas for Cultural Capital of Europe and the local business had prepared properly for the event. The unique scene revealed view of the vast Strandzha Mountain and impressed the fans of Teodosii and himself.

"Incredible audience, amazing place, I'm fascinated by the atmosphere", said Teodosii after the concert.

The tour of Burgas 2019 continues this Saturday /10 August/ in Tsarevo, where the talented musicians from the band "Funky Miracle" /children of "Akaga"/ will showcase their talent.

More information about the event and transport is coming soon on the page of Burgas 2019, Facebook: Facebook/Burgas2019 and on the web page of Burgas Municipality: www.burgas.bg

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