Suggestion for 42 Aquariums and Dolphinarium with 700 Seats in "Park Oceanarium"

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Friday, 30 August 2013
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
Suggestion for 42 Aquariums and Dolphinarium with 700 Seats in "Park Oceanarium"

Public discussion about the construction of "Park Oceanarium - water entertainment and relaxation complex on the territory of Park Lake" was held in Burgas. The forum was organized by "Water Attractions Company Plus" - representative of the investor "Mostovik" that is willing to invest in the project 100 million lv.

"We want this complex to become an emblem of Burgas. We have experience - we've just finished the implementation of similar project in far east if Russia, in Vladivostok", said Pavel Satonkin - CEO of "Water Attraction Company Plus"

The building will pass in 4 stages - first water park, then dolphinarium, oceanarium and cognitive center, and finally a hotel.

The Oceanarium and Dolphinarium will look like catfish seen from the air.

The Aqua Park will include 3 areas flowing into one - the first will be towards the sea, the second one towards Atanasovsko Lake and the third will have relaxation area for adults. There will be playgrounds, swimming pool, food and shopping area.

Dolphinarium is designed with 700 seats. It will be a connected network of pools with dolphins and catfish. The system will be closed and won't be connected to Black Sea.

Oceanarium will contain 42 aquariums. They will be designed in separate areas:

-Bulgarian rivers and lakes

-Seas and oceans

-Tropical fish

-Black Sea

-Tropical rain forest.

Interesting accent in the plan of the complex is the Cognitive center. According to the investor there is no such thing in Bulgaria and nearby parts of Europe. The cognitive center is the place where people can learn more about science and technology in funny and interesting way. The area is zoned as follows:

-Energy and movement

-Four elements



Here the visitors can see and participate safely in various demonstrations of mechanics, chemistry, solid objects, air, fire, optical effects.

100-room hotel will be built in the final phase.

The investors predict that their input will regain in 13 years. The pricing will be kept in Bulgarian standard.

Many citizens of Burgas attended the discussion and they actively asked questions to sure that everything will be done in the most environmentally friendly way. Kiril Kirilov was there also. He is the architect who designed in the 80s Burgas Dolphinarium but then the attraction was built in Varna.

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