Kalin Velyov Dedicates His Latest Video to "Burgas 2019" /VIDEO/

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013
Posted by: Кристина Вълчева
Kalin Velyov Dedicates His Latest Video to "Burgas 2019" /VIDEO/

*The video for the song "Pictures in Me" was filmed entirely in Burgas

The latest video of Kalin Velyov was filmed with the background of the old streets and houses of Burgas. One of the most successful modern musicians in Bulgaria announced his video of the song "Pictures in Me" in support to the candidacy of Burgas for European Capital of Culture in 2019. Kalin Velyov is not from Burgas but he spent almost every summer in or around Burgas and he feels much sympathy for the city. In July he joined the Summer Tour of Burgas 2019 with his band Tumbaito.

"Pictures in Me" is a single in the latest album of Kalin Velyov - "2 Faces". The usic and arrangement of the song is by Kalin and the text is by Gergana Turiiska.

Inspired by the memory of the old house, carefree childhood, crazy games and summer nights, the musician has pledged fully to retro picture in the video, along with pictures from Burgas and footage of cult Bulgarian old movies.

Director of the video is Silvana Zibo and operator is Alexander Mollov.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3gJQ-oxvno

More about the candidacy of Burgas for European Cultural Capital: Facebook/Burgas2019 

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