The Renovation of "St. Anastasia" Island is on Its Final /VIDEO/

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013
Posted by: Кристина Вълчева
The Renovation of "St. Anastasia" Island is on Its Final /VIDEO/

The buildings on "St. Anastasia" island are completely renovated to its original appearance. The newest tourist attraction in Burgas was presented to tour operators and media from Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. The only inhabited Bulgarian island will welcome its guests next spring. Museum, church and guest house, restaurant and medical room await visitors to the island.

The buildings are reconstructed but without any change in their original form. Existing frescoes in the church are artistically renovated. Next to the church is found and restored an old well. Some of the guest houses were monks' cells and the furniture is very simple. The external areas are cultivated - lanes are recovered with benches, lighting and litter bins. Novelty is built sites for monitoring and discovering magnificent views directly over the rocks.    

After only few months "St. Anastasia" island will be able to show to its guests modern museum exhibition, which will include exhibits and artifacts with latest digital technology that will literally revitalize the island's past. The restaurant will serve traditional sea and monastery meals. A fundamental place in the menu will take mussels meals, because the area around "St. Anastasia" is the largest natural mussel plantation in the region. Weddings, cultural events, theme diners will be organized on the island. Diving, yoga, various competitions in swimming and sailing will be offered for the sports fans.

St. Anastasia island is restored within a project of Burgas Municipality "Cultural and historical heritage of the island St. Anastasia and Burgas - an attractive and competitive tourist destination", funded by OP "Regional Development" 2007-2013.

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