Mayor Nikolov Met With the Citizens of Burgas Who Made Time Laps City Tour

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Thursday, 16 January 2014
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева
Mayor Nikolov Met With the Citizens of Burgas Who Made Time Laps City Tour

*The video gathered 27 000 views in two weeks


"Congratulations. You have presented Burgas in very beautiful and impressive way. I hope that the summer option that you are preparing to be so strong, emotional, dynamic and remarkable. I am convinced that this will open for you new ways for expression."

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov met in his office 21-year-old Gabriel Alexandrov, who is one of the authors of the remarkable time laps tour "Burgas in December".

Gabriel and his friend Dimitar Saristov released the video in the cyberspace before the holidays. . It gathered nearly 27 000 views in two weeks.

The video continues to rotate in the social networks and gaining new fans.

Among the first fans and Facebook users who shared the video is Mayor Dimitar Nikolov. He invited to meet with the young people from Burgas last month.

The Mayor was impressed by the new project of Dimitar Saristov and Gabriel Aleksandrov for summer time laps tour, which will reveal the sights of Burgas. Day and night shots will be provided again with many spectacular effects, which will represent the city in unusual and modern way.

"Our idea is to capture the pulsing energy of Burgas during the summer, to show the sea, lakes, the island, beautiful sunsets and many others amazing places in Burgas", explained Gabriel Alexandrov.

Burgas Municipality is looking for an option to engage young artists in their future projects.

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