Smart Point Brings Out Spam of Mailboxes

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
Smart Point Brings Out Spam of Mailboxes

*Modern space with Smart Point

The innovative information system Smart Point has started in Burgas exactly one year ago with the support of the municipal administration. Electronic channel gets more and more popular and is utilized by residents and visitors of the city.

The smart point have nearly 200 objects - bus stops, signs, objects of cultural interest, tourist attractions, hospitals, schools and many others.

Small sticker with QR code can guide you easily to the current store promotions near you. With easy navigation everyone will be able to select your favorite store and look his best suggestions directly from the screen of your smartphone.

The campaign will start by placing 2000 stickers, starting from the large complexes in Burgas and the distribution will cover all entrances to residential block in the city.


Project developers of Smart Point have set the ambitions goal to reduce the use of paper, they believe that would be beneficial for hypermarkets. Information campaign would reduce the costs of printing and distribution of promotional materials and their idea is more ecological than technological.

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