The campaign "Lets clean Bulgaria together" starts on Sunday

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Friday, 08 May 2015
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
The campaign "Lets clean Bulgaria together" starts on Sunday

The big spring cleaning begins on the 10th of May, as a part of the campaign of bTV Media Group - "Lets clean Bulgaria together". All who wish to participate can join the initiative for cleaning of the schools, kindergartens, the zones around houses and blocks.

This is the first of the five definite days for cleaning the most vulnerable zones - the city areas, places for rest and sports, playgrounds for kids, nature parks and protected areas, river beds.

On the decided theme dates Municipality Burgas calls upon citizens to take part actively in the cleaning of the specific places.

Dates and places for cleaning:


10 May - European day for cleaning: campaign for cleaning the city areas

Cleaning of the areas around houses and block and green areas in the city territory (housing complexes and districts)


17 May - International day of sports: campaign for cleaning the zones for rest and sports

1.     Park "Mineralni bani"

2.     Forest park "Rosents"

3.     Area "Borova gorichka" (housing complex "Meden rudnik")

4.     Sea garden Burgas

5.     Park Izgrev

6.     Park Veleka

7.     Park Slaveikov


31 May - On occasion the International day of the child - 1 June, the playgrounds will be cleaned

1.     Kids playgrounds near homes and blocks

2.     School courtyards and courtyards of kindergartens


7 June - National day of the nature parks: cleaning of the nature parks and protected areas

1.     Protected area "Poda"

2.     Reserve "Atanasovsko ezero"


27 June - Cleaning of river beds and waterholes

North Beach (unguarded zone) - from restaurant "Fiesta" to the Salt-works


For anyone who wishes to join the cleaning campaign, Municipality Burgas has ensured gloves and bags, and transport for the gathered garbage.

Bags and gloves can be received in the territorial directions in the housing complexes, the mayors and in Direction "Environment", str. Sheynovo N24, floor 2, room 201.


IMPORTANT: After the cleaning the bags with garbage have to be carried near a road or trash cans.

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