The mayor Dimitar Nikolov and the Prime minister Boyko Borisov opened the new "Flora"

Wednesday, 20 May 2015
Posted by: Димитър Шишманов

Hundreds of residents of Burgas came to the opening of the modern Expo center "Flora - Burgas". Before stepping in the exhibition halls the people enjoyed the rich program. The kids participated in a drawing competition; dance and cheer-leading groups from different schools presented their performances. Ensemble "Strandja" showed again the riches of Bulgarian folklore. The first event, which is held in the new expo center, is National flower exhibition with international participation "Flora Burgas 2015".

"The new Flora is an emblem of our city. Burgas did not deserve the old nylon tents, which cost the Municipality 50 thousand leva for repairs for each every year", said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov.

Exhibition center ‘Flora" has an exceptionally innovative architecture and is built with ecological materials, which makes it one of the most modern installations in Bulgaria. The project has its own photovoltaic station, which produces electricity for the needs of the expo center.

The façades are covered with evergreen vegetation, which supported by a modern irrigation system. Part of the roof is transformed into a green garden, decorated with stones.

The architecture of the expo center is supplemented by dozens of species of evergreen plants, and the surrounding area is enriched with beautiful flower figures.

Residents and guests of Burgas can visit the National flower exhibition "Flora - Burgas 2015" until the 27th of May. This is the 31st edition and will be open from 20 to 27 May. During this time more than 55 companies will present in the exhibition halls decorative vegetation, flowers and products for planting. Guests of the opening of the Exhibition center "Flora Burgas" were the deputy minister of regional development Denitsa Nikolova, the governor Valcho Cholakov and the president of oil company "LUKOIL" Vagit Alekperov.   

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