The young people of Burgas can enjoy a new modern skate park

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Posted by: Стефан Минчев

The new skate park in housing complex "Izgrev", near RUM "Veleka" has been opened. Municipality Burgas built it especially for its youngest residents and guests, who have been riding skateboards and BMXs for years, but at unsuitable locations, where they "clash" with pedestrians or vehicles.

The project is realized with funds from "Integrated project for renewal of important spaces in Burgas city", financed by Operative Program "Regional development" 2007-2013.

"The skate park is built on a model to similar sports installations in Germany and California. The youths are already using in actively and promise to surpass in skills the skaters and bikers from the other big Bulgarian cities. We would be very proud with the achievements, but I hope that they accomplish them with less traumas. Boys and girls, use helmets and protectors and be careful!" said the mayor Dimitar Nikolov, who met with the skateboarded Martin Dechev and the biker Nikolay Jelev from club "Shore Invaders". Both of them are very pleased with the new acquisition and cannot wait to show it to their friends from the other parts of the country. To do this, skateboarders and bikers are preparing big events of demonstrational nature, each in its own direction. The skate park can be used also be roller skaters.

The skate park is one closed system, composed of turns with a height from 1.2 to 1.6 meters, "spine" transfer, several "hip" transfers at a different angle, "bump", 7 meter curved rail, 4 meter curved angle with a pipe, 4 meter straight rail. 

It also has a pyramid, 1.2 m in height, made of "A-frame" transfer and 2 rails, 2 transfers with inclined, right angles + rail, balance, big jump, "Bumb" transfer, pyramid, 1.5 m in height - with bent angle. The circle is made of several sets of stairs (2, 3, 5), inclined angles, rails, "euro gap" and virages.

Except the sports zone itself, in "Izgrev" a reconstruction has been made on the alley system, improvement of the green spaces and placement of park furniture.

The space has been designed in a way, to give possibilities for fast development of beginners and pleasant moments when skating, riding for the experienced.

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