Opportunities for European financing in the sphere of culture will be presented in the "Sea casino"

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Monday, 29 June 2015
Posted by: Димитър Шишманов
Opportunities for European financing in the sphere of culture will be presented in the "Sea casino"

On 30 June from 09:00 hours in hall "Petya Dubarova" in Cultural center "Sea casino" will be held an informational seminar day, organized by Municipality Burgas and the Ministry of culture. The event is aimed towards all people of law with activities in the sphere of culture. A team of the Ministry of culture will present two of the programs of the EU, which are open for applying, "Creative Europe" and "Europe for citizens" 2014-2020.

During the information seminar day will be explained the goals, priorities, as well as the characteristics of the two programs. Documents for application will be shown, and anyone interested will get the chance to ask questions the representatives of the ministry - about the essence of the euro-programs, and the methodic for applying.

Municipality Burgas, together with the Ministry of culture, invites the Municipalities in the region, representatives of the non-government sector, as well as companies working in the sphere of culture (producers, publishers, designer and architect studios and etc.) on the territory of the city and region; all cultural institutes - museums, galleries, theaters in Burgas, "areas" for culture events - community centers, universities and educational institutes.

Program "Creative Europe", in particular Subprogram "Culture", supports the artists and organizations, which work in the sphere of cultural and artistic industries in Europe. The goal of the subprogram is to help them to internationalize their activity, to secure a trans-border circulation of culture products, as well as possibilities for mobility and exchange of good practices between the workers in the field of culture. Subprogram Culture supports project on four directions: projects for cooperation; translation of literature works; European networks and European platforms.

Keeping in mind the serious challenges and problems in front of Europe in the next seven years, program "Europe for citizens" is one of the main mechanisms of the Union for stimulation of the active European population and the feeling of European identity. In accordance to the global goal of closing the distance between the EU and its citizens, program "Europe for citizens" aims to contribute for the understanding of the EU - its history and diversity, as well as to improve the conditions for civil and democratic participation on the level of the Union.

Here is the program of the informational event:

Program "Creative Europe" and program "Europe for citizens" 2014-2020 - Priorities and possibilities for financing

30 June

Hall "Petya Dubarova", Cultural center "Sea casino"

9.00 - 12.30

9.00-9.30 Registration of the participants

9.30-10.30 Presentation of the program "Europe for citizens" 2014-2020

10.30-11.00 Questions and answers

11.00-12.00 Presentation of the program "Creative Europe"

12.00-12.30 Questions and answers

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