Burgas Municipality shows who ruins the novelities in the city

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
Burgas Municipality shows who ruins the novelities in the city

      Burgas Municipality will publish on its official website - www.burgas.bg, photos or video materials showing acts of vandalism to people and animals and public property destruction or thievery . Municipal administration calls on citizens who have captured these images or videos, send them an e-mail: [email protected]

      The aim of these measures is if anyone recognizes the perpetrators to timely submit a signal to the police.


      Besides citizens' photos the Center for traffic control in Burgas will perform such a function. It is situated in the sports corps of Methematics High School "Acad. Obreshkov" which is part of the "Integrated urban transport" project.

      In the center will monitor and collect an information from cameras installed at the bus stops, in the buses and at the major intersections in the city. They will help for a quick response to accidents, acts of vandalism, natural disasters and crime detection, as the traffic center will be connected to the emergency number 112 and the traffic police. This aims to enhance the safety and security of our streets. Over the years Burgas Municipality has repeatedly intimating how new city benefits have became a subject of vandalism and aggression, which leads to unnecessary costs to be repaired and removed the damages instead of these public funds to go to a new playground, for example.

      Last "documented" case was on January 1st, when a camera on "Stefan Stambolov" Bulevard has filmed how a car crashes into a new fence in front of the bus stop near the new Post Offices. On the record is shown how the driver has came out of the car in inadequate condition and he has left the scene of the accident, but after a while he has returned to the car and has fled from the accident area.

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