Spanish Marriacians have announced Burgas Municipality with serenades.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Posted by: Радостин Рачев
Spanish Marriacians have announced Burgas Municipality with serenades.

The musicians from the Tonna University Orchestra in Madrid visited Bourgas Municipality today. Deputy Mayor Yordanka Ananieva welcomed the guests and wished them to remain true friends of the city. As a sign of friendship and memory, Deputy Mayor Ananieva handed to the head of the group Prof. Luis Aragones one of the symbols of Burgas - the stylized Compass.
Guests greeted their hosts with traditional Spanish serenades. The biggest surprise, however, was the emotional performance of the unforgettable Emil Dimitrov, "My country, my Bulgaria", which made the officials of the administration leave their offices and provoke their wild applause.
Popular La Marais pupils are actively involved in Madrid's university life and are part of Spain's cultural intangible heritage. The group was founded at the beginning of the University of Alkala in the fifteenth century. Beginning comes from students known as Sopa (from Sopa Spinning Soup) or students of modest origin who have used music as a way to get a bowl of soup in inns and taverns. Thanks to her, there have been personalities such as Francisco de Keveda and Lope de Vega.
For a couple of days, Tuna has been visiting Burgas. So far the musicians have visited the Akve Khalid tourist complex, and they passed to Alexandrovska and Bogoridi yesterday, then they performed a concert on the open stage "Snail".
Their visit continues tomorrow at 21:00 hours when Spanish musicians will play at the opening of the Beach Book Festival at the Flora Expo Center.

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