The Burgas Jam Guitar Fest rises on the music card at the end of the summer.

Friday, 28 July 2017
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
The Burgas Jam Guitar Fest rises on the music card at the end of the summer.

The most influential and memorable musical performances of all time are the participation of talented guitarists gathered on one scene. Examples of this are various musical tributes and festivals over the years when guitarists from different rock and pop bands are united in the name of great music to stay forever in the hearts of fans, turning popular hits into a cult. Bulgaria can also boast with not one and two guitar masters. Burgas Municipality intends to gather as many of them as possible in one place and why not on one stage.
This place is a wonderful location for this type of event near the Sea Station and the name of the new festival is Burgas Jam. It will be held for the first time on 3 September this year. Start at 19:00. We will hear electric acoustic guitars combined with interesting and favorite voices. Virtuoso and popular guitarists open the fan of all the genres for which this instrument is fundamental. Rock, Blues, Pop, Alternate ... - all of this will be heard on Burgas Jam.
We are pleased to announce the names of four of the emblematic guitarists already confirmed:
- Tsvetan Nedyalkov from "Ku-Ku Band";
- Pepi Glavanov from Akaka;
- Angel Dyulgerov, who writes with Lili Ivanova and Lyubo Kirov;
- Darin Vassilev worked with John Lord from Deep Purple and The band.
And that's not all - the surprises are yet to come.
"We do not want to divide, but to collect the guitarists, we want music," said Burgas Municipality and the active participants in the organization of the event - Svetoslav Mihailov From Hot Sand Group and GRAS, as well as the journalist Petar Genchev.
Ticket prices for Burgas Jam will be only 10 leva. Next week they will be released for sale at
We have a lot to tell you about performers and details of the activities and attractions that accompany the festival, so watch its facebook page:
And let the music be with you!

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