2132 first-graders go to school in Bourgas.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Posted by: Мариета Ханджиева
2132 first-graders go to school in Bourgas.

2132 are first-graders who go to school this year in Burgas. 2083 of them will study in municipal schools, 44 in NMSSI "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" and 5 in private primary school "Dr. Maria Montessori".
His first students will meet on 15 September the new municipal school "Al Kodjakafaliata", the former orphanage. The building is fully reconstructed and furnished for September 15th.
All schools are refreshed for the new school year and the most important rehabilitations are finalized. Burgas Municipality has taken care of bringing in all the approaches to the municipal school network and of organizing the movement in the vicinity of the schools. Potentially dangerous branches of trees in and to schools have been removed.
The yards of two of the biggest schools - "Bratya Miladinovi" Primary School and "Petko Rosen" University - were completely renovated. Pavements have been changed and new sports facilities and appliances have been put in place.
All educational institutions on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas are ready to meet the new school year 17/18. Days before the first school day, finishing works and small repairs are carried out. The necessary materials for heating the buildings during the cold months are provided.
From this school year, children and the new corps of the Chaika Kindergarten will be accommodated in Meden Rudnik. The discovery will solve the problem with the lack of places for the group and the kindergartens in the biggest complex in Burgas.

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