Once the old piano starts ... at South Bus Station (VIDEO)

Monday, 16 April 2018
Posted by: Стефан Минчев

Third Grade Stephanie has recently been attending piano lessons,but she has not such instrument at home.To thw delight of waiting passengers at South Bus Station,her mother sometimes leads her to exprcise there.The time until the bus arrives goes faster when you listen to the old piano.If you have the skills yo play this intstument ,or at least a desire,you are wolcome.

The Municipality of Burgas has recently purchased, restored, tuned the old piano from a popular British brand and placed it in the foyer of the South Bus Station with the purpose of contributing to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere and mood. On the second floor of the building there is a café and a free playroom for children's play, where mothers and toddlers can spend some pleasant hours in a comfortable setting.    

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