Dimitar Nikolov to Young Teachers: "I Believe In You And The Successes Of Bourgas Students"

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Monday, 5 November 2018
Posted by: Димитър Шишманов
Dimitar Nikolov to Young Teachers: "I Believe In You And The Successes Of Bourgas Students"

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov met with over 100 young lecturers, who for the first year are part of the teaching profession. The meeting is dedicated to the Day of the People's Buddhists and aims to motivate the people of education to apply modern methods in the education of children. The Deputy Mayor of Culture and Education Yordanka Ananieva is also present.

"The presence of so many young teachers at Bourgas schools shows that the teachers' profession has returned its prestige and authority, and you will be a role model to be followed by Bourgas children, teach self-esteem to create self-esteem in your students. it is the high responsibility to train and train the new generations of Burgas, including Bulgaria, and I believe in you and the success of your students, "Mayor Nikolov said in his address to the teachers.

He added that today's challenge is to build a younger generation that is better prepared for the challenges of life, more active thinking and technology-oriented.

"The educational process is open and it builds on us The successes of the Bourgas students in the recent years prove it and we are committed to it We are convinced that these successes are largely due to the persistence, professionalism and insistence of the Burgas teachers. an opportunity to support your various ideas and projects that can not be realized through existing curricula, "Nikolov said.

The Mayor urged young teachers to be open to the parents of their students as they provide valuable advice on the development of education. The Municipality of Burgas has for the second year implemented different ways to improve the educational infrastructure through initiatives of the parents themselves.

During the meeting each teacher received a gift edition of the Epic of the Forgotten with a message of success in the profession.


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