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Friday, 01 March 2019
Posted by: Стефан Минчев


The municipality of Burgas thanks all cultural institutes and artists, organizations and individuals who voluntarily helped build an incredible program dedicated to the national holiday of the 3rd of March, the liberation day from the Ottoman yoke.

The events open tomorrow, the 28th of February, with an exhibition of paintings, funded by the Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski", arranged in the gallery "Georgi Baev", and a lecture on Levski by our distinguished historian-professor Plamen Pavlov. On the 1st of March, Friday, at 6:00 pm in the Sea Casino, an incredible exhibition will be hosted, consisting of the personal weapons used by Bulgarian revolutionaries, which until now has never been in Burgas. (

On the actual 3rd of March, Sunday, a few big and interesting events will take place in the center of the city, making apparent that Burgas still remembers its past and traditions:

- From 11.00 to 13.30 at Troikata Square, several distinct themed chapels will present the "Path of Freedom". There everyone will be able to take a picture with Raina Knyaginya and wave the flag that says "Freedom or Death", stand next to Lieutenant Colonel Kalitin and embrace the Samaritan flag. In front of a diminutive copy of Shipka Monument, you will be able to shake hands with a Russian militiaman and raise our National Flag high. A squad of Bulgarian revolutionaries will inspire people of all ages to preserve and glorify Bulgaria. Anyone who walks along the Path of Freedom will receive one of the Bulgarian flags - the Samaritan, "Freedom or Death" or the National Flag.

- From 11.00 to 12.00 young talents from Burgas will have the opportunity to resurrect Freedom on stage "I Sing You, Mother Freedom" with verses and songs.

- From 12.00 to 13.00 over 20 establishments from the municipality of Burgas will take part in the holiday round dance. Together, you will greet the residents and the Burgas with a 40 minute performance. On the square will be introduced round dances from all over Bulgaria. Each ensemble will be awarded by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov for the sake of preserving the old Bulgarian traditions.

The 3 March celebration ends with a concert performance in the Opera at 18:00 (

 * Here is the entire schedule:




17:00 pm

"Georgi Baev" gallery

"Liberation" exhibition

Featuring pictures from the fund of BAG "Petko Zadgorski"


18:00 pm

Cultural center "The Sea Casino", "Georgi Baev" hall

Prof. Plamen Pavlov introduces

"Vasil Levski - the other name of liberty"




16:00 pm

Cultural dome of the petrochemical

Celebratory concert

Organizer: Elders' alliance - 2004


18:00 pm

Cultural center "The Sea Casino", "A. G. Kodzhakafaliata" hall

Exhibition "The weapon of liberty" - participants of the National liberation activities' personal weapon

Organizer: Municipality of Burgas and the military-historical museum - Sofia




11:00 am

"Atanas Sirekov" square

Ritual of raising the national flag of Republic of Bulgaria, the flags of the EU (European Union) and the Municipality of Burgas


11:15 am

"Atanas Sirekov" square - "A. Bogoridi" - Seaside park

Student procession

\approximately 500 students\


11:30 am

Monument of the Russian liberators

Celebratory ritual of laying down flowers and wreaths and paying respects

Requiem pray for the fallen soldiers who have lost their lives in the battle for liberation from the Ottoman yoke

Memorial plaque of gen. A. M. Lermontov,

Monument of the Russian infirmary


11:00 am

"Troikata" sq.

Free stage

"Vuzpiavam tebe, maiko svobodna"


12:00 am

"Troikata" sq.


Featuring "Lukoil Neftochimic", TC  "Lukoil Neftochimic", DFA  "The three times ", Ensamble "Zornitsa", kindergarten  "Zvezdichka ", FE "Nikola Ginov ", FE  "Lazur", FC  "Gerggosheep ", TS  "Flower ", TC  "Lazur", TS "Yarrow ", TC  "Vaya ", FTC  "Martenitsa ", TC  "Flame ", TC  "Chanove ", "Georgiev",TSH  "Burgos", TS  "Golden flame ", TC  "Bourgas", TC  "Cruisers ", TK  "Seagull", TC  "Samodivi " from disctric. "Rudnik", TSH "Rosen " from Rosen village.





State Opera - Burgas

Solemn Concert - Spectacle

"Bulgaria, your freedom celebrates in me"

With the participation of: Nikolina Chakardakova and the Nevrokopski dance ensemble, Vesselin Marinov, Burgas Wind Orchestra, string orchestra, ballet formation and youth choir at NSMPA(National School for Music and Performing Arts) "Pancho Vladigerov", kindergarten "Valshebstvo"

Host: Niki Sotirov

Director: Boyan Daskalov.


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