1. Association "Demetra"

2. Burgas Regional Tourist Chamber

Burgas 8000, 52 "Slavyanska" str., floor 2, post office box 3
tel: +359 56/ 81 35 95
+359 884 862070
+359 896 980055
[email protected]
[email protected]

Bourgas Regional Chamber of Tourism represents 156 members which are sitated not only in the South-East Black Sea Region of Bulgaria, but they have business in other tourist regions in Bulgaria. Our main aim is to improve the business climate for the tourism professionals in harmony with the country's economy and legislation. Hotels, travel agencies, incoming agencies, bus companies have monthly meetings in order to discuss short term and long term strategies.
Since Bulgaria joint the European Union, the infrastructure has been improved (including the airports), new historical sites have been definite and presented to the public, cultural events such as concerts and festivals, various exhibitions take place in many cities at the Region. Many accommodations offer Spa and medical treatments in a pleasant environment, wine cellars and fancy restaurants offer excellent cuisine in the historical center of the towns of the region and create an unique atmosphere. Having in mind the great variety of nature sites, such as lakes, rivers, caves, mountains und the harmless Black Sea, Bulgaria is a great destination for many tourists to visit!




3. "Equilibrium" Association

7 "Graf Ignatiev" str., fl. 2
Burgas, 8000
Phone: + 35956 825 601; +359 898 575 963; +359 878 121 901
email: [email protected] ; [email protected]

Mission: To affirm the civil and human rights, to help minor and socio-unequal groups, people with mental and behavior deficits, to support children, youth and women in their realization, to provide highly professional psychological and socio-psychological help.
The Association directs its activity in the sphere of education, social activity, civil and human rights.


4. Assosiation "Burgas Children and Youth Parliament"

24 "Sheynovo" str.
+359 56/ 841451
+359 56/ 950149


Address: Bulgaria - 8000 Burgas, 11 Makedonia str., Entr. 2, В.10
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone/fax: +359 877111915
Purpose of the organization: A non-profit organization in favor of society -it restores the women's charity organization "CONSCIOUSNESS" found in 1905, in Burgas, Bulgaria and is its rightful assignee and continuer. The organization now does charity and organizes cultural and educational events. Examples:
- gives moral and material help to women, men, the disabled, old people, children and others in need;
- works on solving problems women in Bulgaria face, which includes making sure that her public and civil rights are kept;
- uses any means necessary, provided by law to protect the rights, dignity and honor of women, children and those in need;
- spreads information amongst children and young people about the bad influence of drugs, religious sects and crime.
The ways for achieving these are as follows:
1) Gathers finances through charitable, educational and cultural events.
2) Organizes meetings and seminars for discussion of problems people in society face.
3) Members of the organization take part in work meetings and seminars organized by other public associations, in order to achieve the aforementioned goals.
4) Interacts with similar Bulgarian and foreign organizations, which also protect women and children's rights.
5) Publishes its own bulletin, along with the book: "the History of the Burgas women's organization INDEPENDENT FEMALE ASSOCIATION "CONSCIOUSNESS" - Burgas

6. Trustees at home for children deprived of parental care "Al. G. Kodzhakafaliyata"

7. NOO Development Centre

Burgas 8000, "Sleveykov", bl. 57, entrance 5
Phone: +359 887 632367

8. Association for democratic education "FAR"

8000 Burgas, 37 "Kiril i Metodii" str.
+359 56/ 821585
+359 888904989
+359 888659357
[email protected]
[email protected]
Goals: non-formal education, voluntary work, civic initiatives
Scope of activities: Non-formal civic education, Volunteer service, Civic initiatives

10. "Youth initiatives and ecological partnerships" Foundation

8000 Burgas, 9 "Ekzarh Yosif" str.
+359 56/ 844743
[email protected]

11. Association "Sv. Ivan Rilski" (member of the Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID)

"Slaveykov" bl. 55 entr. U, post office box 21
+359 895 604232
Activities: Promoting social integration of persons with disabilities and their families. Advocacy for the Improvement of Living and enrichment of social services for persons with disabilities. Informing parents and professionals concerning people with disabilities regulatory framework concerning the disabled.

12. Territorial organization of blind people

8000 Burgas, bl. 47
+359 56/ 863212
+359 898 555153
[email protected]



13. “Voice of the Youth” National Non-Profit Organization

+359 884 800 145 / Switchboard: +359 889 732 595
Burgas, 2A "Ferdinandova" 2 str., 2nd fl., office № 6
[email protected]

OBJECTIVE: To assist young people in developing their abilities and potential, to allow their opinion to be heard, as well as to work specifically on its implementation. The voice of young people must be heard, they are not only the future, but the present of Bulgaria too.
The mission of "VOICE OF THE YOUTH" Non-Governmental Organization is to establish equality among young people in society by making them demonstrate their abilities in front of their social environment and use their qualities to achieve their own goals in the field suitable for them.


14. Association "Society for spiritual development"

5 "Elin Pelin" str.
+359 56/ 845521
+359 897 946451
[email protected]; [email protected]

Type of activity: Expands the creative contacts between representatives of the different spheres of creative activity.


16. Burgas Academic Foundation

8000 Burgas, "Zorniza", bl. 14
+359 56/860950
+359 887 694667
[email protected]
Scope of activities: Science and education- contributes to the spiritual and intellectual growth of the personality, the development of the research, the promotion of the educational level of young and talented Bulgarians, the international contacts between research scholars and citizens, mutually advantageous collaboration with other foundations, both in our Country and abroad, and others.

22. Association "Mackenzie"

8000 Burgas, kv. "Sarafovo", 88 "A. Dimitrov" str.
+359 885 333 403
[email protected]
Scope of activities: civil education, human rights

23. „Sports Club Parasport“

[email protected]
Scope of activities: Adapted physical activity and sport for children, youth and adults with disabilities and impaired health status.
Scope of activities: Adapted physical activity and sport for children, youth and adults with disabilities and impaired health status.

25. Association "Smile"

Burgas, str. "Yanko Komitov" 4
0887 395 403
Facebook Association "SMILE"
[email protected]

Created in April 2006 in Burgas, non-profit organization "SMILE" started its activities in 2010 with the creation of a Day Center for children "Mia Montessori".
The Association is a licensed provider of social services for children and adults.
The mission of the Association "Smile" is to provide conditions and opportunities for development and creative realization of children, youth and adults by supporting their educational needs, regardless of their social status and origin. The work of the Association is focused in the fight against one of the cruelest vices of our time - poverty among children and young people in Bulgaria
Personal development of children, young people and adults through:
Finding and development of their creativity;
Rationalization of their free time through forms of self-affirmation and expression of their personality;
Education in patriotism, partnership and citizenship.
Building sustainable values through involvement of children and young people in activities for environmental protection and preservation of cultural traditions.
Social adaptation, personal and professional development of children, youth at risk from poor families and ethnic minorities, orphans, homeless, drug addicts, victims of violence and others.
Social integration of children with disabilities and positive change in the attitude of society towards them.
Implementation of European standards and practices in human rights, education, integration of vulnerable groups, protection of the environment.
The development and promotion of spiritual values, civil society, education, science and culture.



26. Cancer Patients and Friends

Bul. Demokracia 104, Bourgas
Tel: +359 882646053; +359 56 700 629
[email protected]
Activities: Improve the conditions, guaranteed access, equity and equal chances for treatment and care for cancer patients according to national and European standards; support the delivery of complete and accurate information for patients' rights, procedures and methods of treatment according to the best national and word-wide medical practices; contribute to improving legal regulations in cancer treatment by researching the best practices in other European countries and collaborate with similar patient organizations; support, unite and coordinate the full scope of activity of association's members and protect their legal rights and interests; support the poor people, disabled people and those in need of social care; support the social integration and personal realization of cancer patients - protect their human dignity and the right of normal and fulfilling life.

27. Association “Social Center Burgas”

Burgas 8000, 12 "Apostol Karamitev" Street
+ 359 56 99 18 02
e-mail: [email protected]
Activities: Social services directed towards persons with special needs. There is so called "Creative workshop for people with disabilities" that exists within the Association "Social center Burgas".

28. Артцентър "Компас" - Център за изкуство и култура

29. Сдружение "Младежка Мрежа Ирис"

30. Сдружение "Хамалогика"

31. Фондация "ВИДЕЛЕЙ"

32. Фондация "ЕКИП"- Клон Бургас

33. Association Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information and Education – Branch Burgas

5 "Elin Pelin" Str.
+359 56/ 845521
+359 897 855840
[email protected]; [email protected]

The Black Sea Centre for Environmental Information and Education (BSCEIE) is a public non- profit organisation performing activities aimed at protecting nature and the environment, healthy environment and sustainable development, promotion of spiritual values of civil society and social justice.


34. "Спортен клуб Вая-Бургас"



37. Асоциация "Институт за научноизследователска и мониторингова дейност в регион Евразия- Бургас"

38. Сдружение за регионално развитие и международни бизнес инициативи /СРРМБИ/


40. „Обществен дарителски фонд Пиргос – Бургас”

41. "Organization for Protection of the Bulgarian Citizens" /OPBC/

Address: 5 Shipka Street, Office 1 (ground floor), Burgas 8000
Web page:
Phone/Fax: 0877 113 150;
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact person: Stefan Petrov
Scope of activity: The association performs different activities, which are only for the public benefit, these activities are directly or indirectly connected with the organization and/or applying of the good practices in all areas of the public life and in relation to the government policy which is related to the Bulgarian citizen.

42. Българска фондация Биоразнообразие - клон Странджа

43. Младежко Сдружение за Демократично Сътрудничество

44. Сдружение "Доза обич"

45. Българско дружество за защита на птиците (БДЗП) - Природозащитен център "Пода" - Бургас