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Chanka Ivanova Koralska
Deputy mayor "Spatial planning and construction""
tel. 056 907 274
e-mail: ch.koralska@burgas.bg

26 Alexandrovska Str.
fl. 4, room. 405

News from Territory plan and building

A complete reconstruction of several streets in the city begins

Several central streets in Burgas will be completely reconstructed. They will acquire a new modern vision that will be in sync with the modern urban atmosphere. The streets are Lermontov, Shipka, Otets Paisii, Ilarion Makariopolski, Uspenska, Geo Milev,…

Temporary traffic management is introduced along Zahari Zograf str. and Dolno Ezerovo living area

Burgas Municipality reports that in connection with construction works for building of drainage channels in Dolno Ezerovo, on 04.12.2017 (Monday) at 11:00 am on Zahari Zograf Str. In the section between "Cherna Gora" Str. and "Mladost" str., the traffic…

Municipality of Burgas applies for funding under the "Beautiful Bulgaria" project to repair the damages at the kindergarten in the village of Ravnets

Municipality of Burgas has developed a project for repairing the kindergarten in the village of Ravnets, which suffered during the flood last month. It is focused on improving of the infrastructure and energy efficiency. The fixing of a new facade insulation,…

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