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D-r Loris Manuelyan
Deputy maoyor "Health care, social affairs and sports"
tel. 056 907 271

26 Alexandrovska Str.
fl. 3, room 308

News from Health care and preventions

Mayor Nikolov opened an international conference on dermatology

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov opened an international conference on dermatology organized by the Southeast Branch of the Bulgarian Dermatological Society. The attendees were also welcomed by Prof. Evgenia Hritakieva, MD, President of the Conference and the Secretary…

On 17 May,is celebrated the World Day of Hypertension

On May 17, 2018, the Bulgarian League of Hypertension will traditionally mark World Hypertension Day. On this occasion from 11 am to 6 pm in public places throughout the country will be places where volunteer specialists will consult and inform citizens…

On 21st of April in Burgas will be held a trail bike "Together", which support the people with haemophilia

On April 17th Bulgarian Haemophilian Association noted the World Day of Haemophilia with round table on topic "Оrthopedic disabilities and healing of a patients with haemphilia in Bulgaria". The association invites you to take part of the trail bike…

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