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D-r Loris Manuelyan
Deputy maoyor "Health care, social affairs and sports"
tel. 056 907 271

26 Alexandrovska Str.
fl. 3, room 308

News from Health care and preventions

Dimitar Nikolov: Happy holiday, dear doctors!

Mayor Dimitar Nikolov sent his greeting toward burgasian doctors on the occassion of their proffesional holiday. "Dear doctors, for me is great pleasure to express my sincere greetings for the Bulagarian Doctor's Day - 19th of October. On the occassion…

The surgery of the mammary gland at the Oncology center in Burgas will be specified with unique equipment

Unique equipment will be used during surgery of the mammary gland at the Oncology Center - Burgas from the end of this month. So far, a large number of armpit lymph nodes have been removed during breast surgery, which leads to a lymph edema, dysfunction…

Pupils from Burgas disscused risk facts, that leads to AIDS

Municipality Burgas continues preventive work for protection from dangerous diseases among the youths. Pupils from Burgas schools took part at the initiative in Expo center "Flora".   

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