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These rules of use, governing the relationship between the Municipality of Burgas and any person referred to as below user posetilo site and using the services and information provided by the Municipality of Burgas. By accessing the Web site of Burgas Municipality, you must accept the conditions set forth below. Otherwise, you may not use these pages.

Content Site
The content (text and multimedia elements) of the web pages of Municipality of Burgas is protected by copyright. These text and multimedia elements are exclusive property on Municipality of Burgas and / or their authors and right-holders. Holders of intellectual property rights of the waive an indication of their name or any other indication of the elements that they provide to this site. Allow the use of this site, to preserve the parts of the personal computer and printing of content for personal, non-commercial purposes. Be permitted steps to ensure that the press reports and other documents classified as public in the media, as should be referred to the source.

Truthfulness and accuracy of information
This site and its content is published for your convenience. Municipality of Burgas not guarantee that web pages do not contain errors and that access to them is uninterruptible. Municipality of Burgas reserves the right to edit your pages and to terminate access at any time. Bourgas municipality is obliged to take all reasonable steps to secure and publish quality information pages, but errors and omissions and delays in updating the data can not be excluded. Comments, opinions and publications of visitors or others outside the Municipality of Burgas, belong to its author. Municipality of Burgas not responsible for their truthfulness and correctness. If you notice a discrepancy, error, insult, unverified information, and other similar mistakes, please signalizirayte at [email protected]

Information and documents made available through the site can not be considered as an authentic reproduction of official texts. To be considered only authentic texts published in the official section of the site. In case of difference between the electronic version and pechatniya text to be considered reliable only the official printed text endorsed by sotvetnite details - signature stamp Sent. №, and others.

No guarantees of any kind, whether direct or indirect, including but not limited to guarantees of their rights or nenarushimost and implicit guarantees of komersialnost or fitness for a particular purpose, not given in connection with the availability, accuracy, reliability or content of these pages. Bourgas municipality is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or caused damage or loss or interruption of business caused by the use of this service, even if Municipality of Burgas was predupredena about the likelihood of such damages.

Personal and noncommercial use of information
The site of the municipality of Burgas is for personal noncommercial use. Are not allowed any changes, reproduction, distribution, display, performance, reproduction, publication, authorization or sell information, owned by the municipality of Burgas and this website.

Copyright protection
Municipality of Burgas and developers of the website are owners of the idea and all applications and modules on the site www.burgas.bg. Author of all publications and materials in this site is Municipality of Burgas. If you notice an infringement of copyright on our site, please let us know in due course of e-mail: [email protected], to download the relevant publication of your site unless we can reach an agreement with the author or owner y.

All materials or parts of text and images on this site are owned by the municipality of Burgas and are protected by the law of copyright and related rights.

The use of materials from websites of www.burgas.bg, media and partners are required to fully adhere to the established here restrictions and conditions, if a contract is not agreed otherwise.

Links to other web pages and sites
In order to facilitate access Municipality of Burgas you can build links to sites on the Internet that are owned or managed by third parties. Site links to related web pages represent only a recommendation and a potential source of additional information. Since Municipality of Burgas has no influence over their policies for publishing material with that agreement is osvobozhdavame from any responsibility for their content and for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information published in them.

Not authorised and prohibited use
The user is not entitled to collect information from the site of Municipality of Burgas if that will be used for unlawful purposes and neetichni in violation of the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, neprikosnovennostta violation of the individual and to replenish the mailing lists, spam, unauthorized access and limit the availability of site for other users.

Change the rules and conditions governing the use of the site
Municipality of Burgas reserves the right to change these rules at any time without prior notification. These changes come into force at the time of their publication in the site. If you disagree with the rules of use, you can cancel its participation as a party to these rules as you use dostapvate website of the Municipality of Burgas and dispose of the materials you've "svalili, printirali or in any way saved from the site.