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Trash cans are being washed and disinfected in Burgas

Trash cans will be washed and disinfected using specialized equipment in Burgas. The treatment of the vessels has already started in complex “Meden rudnik” and will take place in several stages. After collecting the garbage, the remaining adhesive materials are mechanically cleaned, and the dishes are washed internally and externally.…

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World leader in virtual reality “EON Reality” and university “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” introduce the first XR laboratory in Bulgaria

The American corporation EON Reality - a world leader in the field of academic and industrial solutions using augmented and virtual reality, and the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”are implementing a state-of-the-art EON-XR training and education center, which will be located on the university campus in Burgas. The initiative…

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Talented dance K-pop group from Burgas wins fans from all over the world

They are the Countdown – young, talented girls, who were assembled out of their shared love for the K-pop culture. The result is several very successful YouTube videos, participation in prestigious dance forums and a lot of followers and fans of various nationalities on all social networks. Their impressive videos…

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