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The Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings Organized an Information Campaign Against Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation

This year's Summer Campaign Against Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation Bourgas 2018 includes the creation of conceptually related creative products - video, rap-song and theatrical sketch and their performance at a concert on July 29 at the Snail at 18.30.  The video tells the story of a girl…

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Watch Live Atanassov Lake online and its bird's wealth, see how

The Kingdom of Birds - Atanasovsko Lake, already has an improved video surveillance system and a real-time broadcasting facility. The curiosity of the lagoon's inhabitants, changes in composition and behavior are made possible by monitoring 80% of the Southern Saltwater area. More recently, the team of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation…

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